SERVICE MOTORS was founded by Ed Herzog, a Hudson dealer located in New York. Ed took on the CROSLEY line of automobiles in 1940, which was only CROSLEY’s second year of production.

It was a very successful enterprise and in 1948, SERVICE MOTORS delivered 750 cars to Macy’s alone. In 1950, SERVICE MOTORS became the distributor for the entire New York Territory.

When CROSLEY ceased production on July 3, 1952, Ed struggled to arrange the financing to resume the production of CROSLEY automobiles. Although, unsuccessful in that effort, SERVICE MOTORS did purchase the parts inventory, the factory tooling and copyrights, in order to carry on what remained of Crosley Motors Incorporated, ensuring a good future for the cars and a lasting legacy to the automotive efforts of Powell Crosley Jr.

During the 80+ years of SERVICE MOTORS there have been a few different owners, all deeply dedicated to the Crosley community.

From founder Ed Hertzog to Clarence (Kap) Kapraun and Red Gellinger in 1981. Butch and Fonda Williams would take ownership in 1996. And, in 2014 Dale and Sheri Liebherr would become owners.

In 2023, owners Matt Harris and Walter Wallace moved Service Motors from Nevada to its new home in Pennsylvania. Many tractor trailer loads and long hours later, Service Motors is settling into a familiar area back in eastern United States. 

Matt Harris and Walter Wallace have been Crosley fanatics since before they could drive. Using their experience in manufacturing, fabricating, and good ole gearhead knowledge, they are excited to continue the legacy of Service Motors and Powell Crosley Jr.