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New old guy thinking about buying a 1950 Super? Wagon  


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05/12/2019 8:38 pm  

I've found a 1950 Wagon locally than I'm tempted to buy. The engine, transmission, and all the chassis, including brakes and suspension is restored. I'm told by the seller that the carb, distributor, starter, generator, and all external engine parts were rebuilt during the restoration. The previous owner stopped on the project, believed due to health problems, and set the body back on the chassis for storage and transport. The body is solid but unrestored and disassembled. Red was the factory color. All the parts are included except for the glass. I'm a little confused because the wagon has a tailgate on which the top half lifts up and the lower half  "folds" down. The body has SUPER emblems on it but I thought Super wagons had "barn door" style gates? The serial number puts the car in the middle of the range for 1950 production. What do you guys & gals think?